...a family tradition for over 85 years

When Petronio Shoe Products was founded by my Grandfather in 1926, New Jersey was one of the industrial and commercial centers of the United States. Today, Petronio Shoe Products continues to prosper and grow in New Jersey’s healthy business climate. Through my family's guidance, Petronio Shoe Products became the number one manufacturer of adhesives in the shoe repair industry and Master All-Purpose Cement became the number one adhesive used in the shoe repair industry. In 1996, after practicing law for twenty years, I became President of Petronio Shoe Products. I agreed to lead the family business into the 21st Century, where seventy years of experience will permit us to retain a leading position in the shoe repair industry. This experience will also give us a competitive edge as we expand into other industries. As President, I will maintain the same business philosophy that has served my family for over seventy years: ”Quality products at reasonable prices”

Without one, what good are the other two?

Donald Rinaldi
President, Petronio Shoe Products

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